Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Finished Christmas Project

it took me a couple of hours to tie off the fringing that runs all along both sides of this

then I spread it out on the dining room table so I could trim that fringe so it was all the same length

this is a Christmas gift for a friend's son -- but it's going to the State Fair in August first

I'm glad to have this finished now, before the weather actually gets warm enough that I just wouldn't want to work on it

which means there is more time to work on other things

like knitting a sweater for the monkey toy -- I finished up the body of that and started the sleeves last night

and yesterday afternoon, after all the laundry was done, I cut out dozens of aspen leaves for the trees project

time to get to work


AlisonH said...

Oh WOW!!! So that's what all those posts were about--I had absolutely no idea it was going to be something so--that's incredible. Wow.

I wanna be an artist like you when I grow up!

Nancy G said...

That came out SO well; it's gorgeous!