Monday, May 23, 2011

where I've been

I've reconfirmed something I already knew

when I'm at a conference or a show most days I'm too exhausted either mentally or physically to write a blog post that is coherent enough to let anyone see!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday I was in the SAQA Visioning Conference

It was held in the Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver

it is a very old, historic hotel

this is the atrium of the hotel -- open in the center from the lobby all the way up through the floors to the awesome glass ceiling

the ceiling is stained glass -- it was cloudy and rainy on Thursday afternoon when I took these pictures -- I'd like to know what is on the outside of this ceiling that keeps it from being destroyed by the hail that we frequently get in the summer

on the second floor, where the arch shaped structures are, each arch has pillars that are decorated like this

you can see here how thick the railings are that surround the open area

and this is what each of the metal panels looks like

I heard someone talking about these panels -- supposedly there are a few of them that are installed upside down

I'm thinking someone had WAY too much time on their hands if they had time to find that among all those floors!

and I'm pretty sure they were all installed properly when the hotel was originally built

but it's also pretty clear that these have been very carefully maintained, so that might have happened in a cleaning or maintenance operation

and the carpets! all of them bold patterns and beautiful colors

want to mail a postcard home? (I know, who does that any more, but just in case)

this is the mail slot

I wonder if any letters have gotten "stuck" in the works somewhere and are still waiting to be discovered and delivered

this was the crown molding around the ceiling of one of the class rooms that I took a workshop in

this is the wallpaper in the ladies room

the last time I was in this hotel was 40 years ago (ok, I confess, I was cutting school with a friend and we were exploring downtown)

back then the wall paper in the ladies room was red with FLOCKED patterns --- it was Victorian Bordello style --- hey, it was the 1960s!

much more sedate and elegant now

and this may well be the only place left where rotary phones are the norm

all of the "House Phones" look like this

and yes -- these work

this is the church that is right across the street from the hotel

this picture was taken from the "sky bridge" that runs between the hotel and the banquet rooms that are actually across the street (another direction) from the hotel

on Saturday morning, just as I got out of my car the carillon at the church began playing, so I had lovely music for my walk from the car to the hotel

(and that was after I had driven the highway from my daughter's into Denver and at one point been surrounded by about 2 dozen hot air balloons that were just taking off from the field along the highway -- they were so close I could actually see exactly how many people were in the baskets -- it was amazing!)

I have a whole bunch of pictures of the quilt exhibit that was on display on Thursday afternoon, but I need to get them ready before I can show them to you, so they'll be here in a day or so, and I'll be talking a bit about what I learned during the conference too

now I just need to get back into the routine --- got to get into the studio and do some work!!

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