Monday, May 09, 2011

keeping dogs out

the gate has been hung

instead of buying a latch, we opted for the use of a piece of scrap wood with a long screw through it (its there on the left side of the picture)

after we got this up we decided a handle on the gate would be good, and we had a wood knob in the assorted items in the garage

I added some decorative markings -- fafa! (and I've threatened to go out and decorate the latch with zebra stripes)

when I was a child I watched my "Pappy" (my mother's father) do this sort of thing all the time -- I think he'd be proud

the water works on this piece are coming right along

so far I've stitched down 10 pieces (all of the white are individual pieces)

the fabric I'm stitching down right now is printed with waves -- it's perfect fabric for the look I needed here

one of the most difficult thing in creating any of these pieces for me is finding the fabric that looks like what I see in my head when I do the design - I'm very pleased with what I had on hand for this one

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AlisonH said...

My instant reaction was, cool, a slice of pomegranite! Oh wait, it's not...