Sunday, May 29, 2011

more about the Visioning Conference

one of the things that was especially interesting about the Thursday evening events was getting to see all of the pieces from the SAQA exhibit titled "This Is A Quilt"

they were awesome

the lighting on them? - eh, not so much

and these are small pieces, in mats, under plastic to protect them, so I was not able to get pictures of all of them, and the quality of the ones I did get are not up to my usual standards

but it's better than nothing

you can see all 65 photos that I took by using this link

you'll notice that they are not labeled with any information -- except for this piece -- which was done by Nancy G. Cook

I knew how to label this one because I had the distinct pleasure of talking with Nancy during the conference

you can see more about Nancy's work here

and if you happen to be able to identify any of the other artists by looking at the pictures, please use the comment feature and add the information



deb_of_pixeladies said...

If the artists don't leave their info, I have it all. I just can't get to it this week.

Nancy said...

Bev, thanks for the linkage and kind comments. Really enjoyed getting to meet you at Denver. Nancy

Jane LaFazio said...

what a shame that the artist's names weren't displayed along with their quilts.