Sunday, May 08, 2011

rube goldberg lives

this structure is for the beans to climb up -- or it will be as soon as we get some wire to run over it

as it currently stands, the top piece is tied to the uprights and the whole thing is tethered at each end to keep it from blowing over

and there are four rows of very closely planted beans (both green and wax) under it -- two rows on each side so they will be able to climb up the wire when they come up

shall we say the original design looked different than this -- and after fussing with it for almost 2 hours, this is where we ended up

(and I might add that 2 hours in the sun is way too long for me given my medications and my lack of tolerance for the sun)

I will be trying to not spend quite so much time outside today, but that's sort of in doubt -- the back yard needs mowing

it can be said I have a love/hate relationship with spring -- love the longer light and warmer weather -- hate the additional work

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AlisonH said...

And here I thought it was missing the baby swing in there somehow...