Friday, May 27, 2011

trying something new

being a hand quilter means that a really well fitting thimble is mandatory

trouble is, about a year ago my favorite one became unusable because after years of use, it had developed a hole right through the metal from being used

since then I've had a variety of inexpensive ones that I've taken for a "test drive" and either found them to be inadequate, or have already had a hole develop in them

yesterday when I was in my local quilt store to sign up for a class that I will be taking in August, I was having the whole thimble discussion with one of the gals that was working in the store

she told me about something that she has been recently using -- it's in the picture there on the right hand side

they are these little ovals of sticky backed plastic like stuff that you put on the area of your finger that you want to protect

they stick well, come off clean, stand up to being taken off and put back on multiple times (I tried all of that yesterday afternoon when I spent quite a bit of time quilting on the Hoffman piece)

there are 64 of these little sticky things in the package and it was inexpensive -- I think for now these will do

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