Friday, May 06, 2011

New Projects!

the only thing that is even close to the excitement of doing well in a competition is starting a new project

at the beginning of any project I'm always excited about the possibilities of how it will turn out

and optimistic about my ability to successfully complete it

yesterday I started doing the stitching on the Hawaii piece that I've been preparing to do for several months

right now it doesn't look like a whole lot (and the picture isn't that great either), but it was really exciting to get three pieces stitched down and that fourth one pinned and ready

there are forty pieces to this one, so it won't take forever

monkey business continues!

these are the monkey's arms

one knit each of the last two evenings

now it's on to the legs

as I mentioned yesterday, the Visioning Conference is this month -- in fact, two weeks from today I'll be sitting in a room at the Brown Palace Hotel listening to someone talk about art quilts!

one of the things we'll be doing as a "getting to know you" is what has been billed as "artist speed dating"

we've been asked to bring 50 business cards or post cards for that activity

which meant I needed to get some current cards made

this is one of ten cards that I designed this morning -- each one has a different picture -- a way to have my art work and my name tied together in the hand of whom ever I give it to

I'm feeling pretty good about getting that done

now it's on to some other projects!

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AlisonH said...

They need to card you? You don't look of age yet, I guess.