Sunday, May 15, 2011

new associations and more monkey business

A while back I entered this piece in a competition

yesterday I got the letter telling me it didn't make the finals

I'm not totally surprised -- its just too "basic" a design -- it is an original design, but I'm sure other things that were entered were much more elaborate

never mind -- its a quality piece, and as soon as the letter arrived I went right to my Etsy store and listed it for sale (at a very reasonable price)
and speaking of Etsy, I am now a member of a team of beadweavers out there

after being an Etsy store owner for several years, I am finally figuring out how some of the finer points work -- its kind of exciting to open my email and find a note telling me someone has added me to a Treasury

the Beadweavers team runs a monthly challenge, and I'm looking forward to participating in some of those soon

"we're gonna monkey, monkey around"

heh -- I finished sewing him all together last night, and as much as I dislike the sock monkey toys, I like this little guy --- sooooo cute!

now I have a few days to get a little blue sweater made for him and I can take him to my grandson

this morning its cool and rainy -- no outdoor work today -- maybe I can get some more work done on things in the studio

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AlisonH said...

It's pretty, and I'm also sitting here thinking, oh--I hope I didn't discourage people. I used to use my treasury to bookmark interesting spots, till Etsy decided for us all that we all wanted everyone everywhere to know what we were looking at. Just to tell Etsy my opinion of that if nothing else, I de-listed everything.