Saturday, November 17, 2012

another step complete, another step in planning

after thinking some about putting a facing on this piece instead of a binding, I decided the binding in this darker fabric works

the completion of this piece makes three from my visioning project done 

of course I'm already working on the "swirls" which is the next piece 

 I've spent a bit of time on the phone this week, so here is another hot pad completed 

black and white and red just works 

I spent some time sitting in the dentist's office yesterday 

which means I finished another afghan square 

(also means I now have antibiotics and an appointment AFTER Thanksgiving to have a tooth taken care of --- ow!)  

the phone call came on Wednesday afternoon

the fabric for the 2013 Hoffman Challenge had arrived at my local quilt store

as a "reward" to myself after the trip to the dentist, I went in to take a look

I got a yard of the challenge fabric and 3 fat quarters (I love the way they had those already cut and prepared although they will always cut those for you if that's what you want)

I had seen this fabric back in August, and I've been thinking about it for a while --- 

the deadline for this piece is next July -- I have some time to work on it without stressing

let the drawings begin!

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AlisonH said...

I love how wings and plant echo each other.

Have fun with that challenge!