Friday, November 16, 2012

beading along

ta da! 

the second "point" is now beaded

now it's on to the bottom section

  this is a project in process that requires a bit of explanation 

my mother has been going through things and giving me items that I might be able to use for art projects or sewing projects

one of the things she gave me recently was a bag full of brass uniform buttons

each of these buttons has a figure on it and the letters POD 

these came off of her dad's Post Office uniforms

the uniform pants under some of those buttons in this picture came from my current letter carrier --- when I told him what I had in mind to do with some of those buttons, he volunteered to bring me a pair of his that were no longer wearable (I note that they're a little thin in a few places)

and then there is this photo

of my grandfather

in his uniform (no doubt one of the buttons in my possession  now is in this picture)

back in the day when postmen walked their routes twice a day during the Christmas season

I have a plan for all of these pieces that includes matting and framing

hoping the end result will be as neat as I think it will be

time to get moving --- errands to run today

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AlisonH said...

Cool! I love your Grandpa's picture!