Sunday, November 04, 2012

Floor Show

we did most of the finishing work on the family room floor yesterday

 which of course meant moving all the furniture around again 

the biggest problem we had with the finishing work was that the tile in the kitchen area had been added to the house, so the sub flooring between the two areas was at different heights 

our solution was to install a narrow beveled piece of trim along the wood size of the joint then install the T-molding that is available to use when the two sides are the same height 

it looks nice, and it makes the transition from one room to another much more "finished" 

 the edge at the patio door needed a trim piece too, and because of the many levels of trim at the edge, none of the stock pieces that are sold to use with the laminate flooring would work

so we bought a piece of trim stock that had one beveled edge and one straight edge to use there 

we still have the trim around the hearth to do, and we're still considering which of our trim options will do the best job 

 progress comes slowly 
 piece number two in my on going series of small quilt pieces is complete 

its just as hard to photograph a dark piece as it was to photograph the white piece!

 this one is titled "Blackbirds in the dead of night" --- it is the "static" design from the static vs motion exercise 

I'm now working on the motion piece -- under the working title of "warning sky"  

additional progress on the beading 

I finished the scalloped edge at the top, and now I'm echoing it on the sides 

looking good 

didn't spend much time yesterday working on anything else -- I needed some "recovery time" after shoving furniture around all over the room

maybe today

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AlisonH said...

It seems to me that they're singing, as if they're playing the parts of the notes on the musical lines.