Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quilt #2 and other projects

used the rest of the red, white and blue blocks and put this together yesterday afternoon 


 I'm happy to have both of these done  

and since those two quilt tops are finished, I'll be going back to working on the bag 

yesterday I was in the local fabric store and the DH found these very cute cat buttons that will work perfectly for the inside pocket that needed something that was not a zipper 

I'm nearly done quilting the Warning Sky piece, so I'm also working more on the swirly piece 

as I do each one I get quicker at it 

see practice does help!


nearly finished another "point" on the bead piece 

 last night I was thinking "this piece is taking forever" -- duh! then I remembered that I took a whole lot of bead work out and redid it! 

 we have a new neighbor 

they are a young couple (about our daughter's age) with a little girl pretty close in age to Mr Cute

they've been here for a couple of weeks, and have waved every time we've seen them

last night, my door bell rang and she handed me an egg carton with half a dozen eggs in it and an envelope that was addressed "To Our Neighbors"

they have chickens!!  eight laying hens, to be exact, and the envelope had a letter than explained all about the chickens (no rooster!) and the eggs and the composting --- very cool

I think I'll be making some kind of goodie to take over to them soon

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AlisonH said...

Oh cool! What a great way to meet the neighbors!

Said the woman with a moving van across the street as I type.