Tuesday, November 27, 2012

what I was up to while I was gone

sewing has usually been my thing 

not that my daughter hasn't done any sewing, back when she was in junior high school she did a summer sewing class at a local quilt store and made a really attractive lap quilt

but she hasn't had a sewing machine, and it has always been easy for her to ask mom for these things

she decided last week that she wanted to have a go at making some things herself, so she asked if she could "borrow" my old machine -- as in the machine my parents gave me as a high school graduation present back in 1969

I was happy to let her have it for her use

and while we were there, I was the advisor/supervisor for her first stitching project

she turned out three tote bags over the long weekend, and they all look pretty amazing

oh, and the old sewing machine is going to live at her house now so she can use it for little jobs like mending a seam

I think I sense more sewing in her future --- she asked me if making a pair of pull up pj pants was as difficult as the bags were -- (it's not)

decorating the tree was always part of Thanksgiving festivities at our house

my daughter is carrying on that tradition, so while we were there, the Christmas tree came up from the basement storage and was put together and decorated

Mr Cute thought this was a great activity and helped his dad put the branches in the tree as well as showing all of us the ornaments as they were prepared to go on the tree


now that the show has been hung, I can finally show you this piece

it is one of twenty pieces that were done by a local group of artists (Colorado Springs Fiber Artists) and is currently hanging in a local theatre

if you live in the Colorado Springs area, these pieces and a number of other art quilts can be seen at Stargazers Theatre during one of their musical performances

while I was gone I didn't get much done on my projects, but I did manage to create four more afghan squares

I'm getting back into the routine now

time to get to it!

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AlisonH said...

Mr. Cute steals the show!

But wow, that's a gorgeous quilt. Wow!