Thursday, November 08, 2012

Just when I felt like giving up

I went to the computer this morning and found that I had sold a piece of jewelry from my Etsy store 

it had been several months since the last sale, and I was beginning to wonder if it was still worth the time, cost and effort it takes to keep it updated 

uh, I guess so which also means that analysis exercise that I was thinking of doing to try increase sales will actually need to be done --- I'll be spending some time doing spreadsheets! 

actually got to the sewing machine yesterday! 

it now actually looks like a tote bag so now it's on to the lining -- which means the building of more pockets first --- fun!  

one spiral done, another spiral started 

the field is slowly filling up

 yesterday I took the van to have the oil changed, and since that is only about a half hour job, I just took along my knitting and waited 

another afghan square is complete 

tonight is a guild meeting -- time to get to the work so I'll be done in time to go

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AlisonH said...

Late here, but, for whatever it's worth, I once bought a big bag of ground pecans from a grower and went looking for things to do with it. One of those was making zucchini bread and replacing a third of the flour with that pecan meal.