Monday, November 05, 2012

one last note

about this piece, that is

I finally got a better picture (and it wasn't in my original plan that I would be working on my photography skills along with my design skills doing the visioning project, but there it is anyway) 

in a comment yesterday, Alison said they reminded her of musical notes on the lines 

perhaps there was a subconscious thing happening there when I did the design 

all I can say is there was a persistent ear worm playing the whole time I was working on it  
"black bird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly, you were only waiting for this moment to arise"

some time at the sewing machine yesterday afternoon resulted in this much work done on the bag I'm making 

this is one of the side/bottom sections -- the original pattern had one zipper pocket, but my mother likes having pockets, so I did two of those zipper pocket sets and there are actually FOUR pockets on that outside edge -- two without zippers and two with 

when I get back to the machine, I'll be making the other side/bottom panel -- which has a whole other pocket configuration  

beading continues here 

the scalloped edges on the sides are slowly being created, row by row

it occurred to me as I was working on this last night that I'm not sure what I will use inside this piece to stiffen it --- I have been using pieces of gallon milk containers in the smaller pieces, but this is too big for that to work (and don't even go there with the idea of cardboard --- it doesn't "wear" well, in that if it gets damp it molds or attracts insects, and that is just not an appetizing idea inside a piece of jewelry)

I'll keep thinking about it while I'm finishing the beading -- I'm sure I'll come up with something

It's Monday -- laundry needs to get done, and there are other chores as well -- best get to it!

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