Saturday, November 10, 2012

Delivering the work

yesterday afternoon I delivered seven quilts to the organizer of a show that will open on Nov 25 

 this is part of the one piece that has not been seen in full by anyone 

and on November 26, I'll show you the whole piece here  

worked on this piece some more and I look at the many patterns that have evolved here, I'm not sure I like all of it --- it seems too "busy" 

in all the patterning of the bead work, the focal piece of the mermaid is getting lost in "the noise"

I sense that I may be taking out a lot of the patterned parts and just filling it with the blue  

most of the last week it has been very warm here

in fact, yesterday afternoon when I delivered the quilts, I didn't even need a sweater over my t shirt when I was out and about

this morning, we're much more aware that is is actually November!

it is considerably cooler, and the wind had been blowing during the night 

when I walked out the front door to pick up the paper this morning, this enormous cottonwood leaf was laying on the front step

I carried it into the house and took these pictures of it from various sides and angles --- leaves are an seemingly endless source of patterns and ideas for my fiber art, and I have a large file of images on my computer --- you never know when they might become part of another piece of art!

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AlisonH said...

I love the ruffled-shawl effect of some of those leaves.