Saturday, November 03, 2012

like we needed to start another project here

well, yes, as a matter of fact we did 

 there is still a long list of sewing projects that need to get done before Christmas so yesterday I began another of those 

when my daughter was pregnant, she asked me to make the diaper bag she used because she wanted one that was custom designed with the assortment of pockets and slots that were important to her 

 this was not unnoticed by my mother, who recently asked me to make a custom bag for her -- she even had some fabrics that she was interested in having used to make this bag 

I've collected up a few other fabrics from my personal stash to coordinate with her pieces, and yesterday I started on the bag 

 the pattern that I've used begins at the outside and works in, so the first thing you build is a zipper pocket for the outside 

I cut carefully so the whole cat is on the bottom of the pocket --- I don't think cutting it's head off would be a good thing 

this project will take some time -- it took me about a week to do my daughter's because it works well for me to do a bit each day along with the other things I'm working on 

 this looks like a good start
and those other projects are things like this which is also moving along nicely 

the bead work around the mermaid cameo is filling in -- at the top edge I will be working a sort of scallop curved edge with those off white beads 

I'm pleased with this progress

yesterday I finished the quilting on the blackbird piece, so today I can trim it and start the binding

for the past few days the DH has been preparing the molding that will be the finishing touch on the family room flooring project, we're going to do the installation today --- then I can put the rest of the furniture back into the room -- at some point later I'll probably be removing it again to paint the walls, but that is down the road a bit on the list of painting projects --- I'm looking forward to putting the room back together

time to get busy

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