Thursday, November 01, 2012

Cuteness alert!

I'm interrupting my usual art progress report for a full on dose of cuteness 

my daughter posted a bunch of pictures on her facebook page, so I've "appropriated" a few of them here

when we did the flooring in the family room last weekend, Mr Cute was quite fascinated with the tools we were using

here he's got the rubber mallet and the piece of scrap 2x4 that we used to pound each piece of flooring into place 
these are some of the cutest shots ever! 

my daughter took these one afternoon when she arrived to pick him up from daycare -- where he was outside with the lady that runs the daycare and one of his little friends playing in the leaves

his joy in such a simple pleasure is so contagious!

 and here is a shot of him doing trick or treat last night 

I was not at all sure that he would actually wear the hat (and neither was his momma), so I'm please to see the picture of him with it on

(and it's always fun for me to see him wearing stuff that came from my sewing projects!)

 and just a little art today

we have a blue spruce tree that is taller than our 2 story house

earlier in the week I found an undamaged cone resting on one of the lower branches, having fallen from much higher up

I brought it in and took a whole series of pictures to add to my "inspiration" file

since trees seem to be an ongoing theme in my artwork, these might be useful at some point


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AlisonH said...

Oh, how cute! Such a perfect age. (And then so is the next, and the next, and the next...)