Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Baking as art too

sometimes it helps the brain to do something unrelated to whatever art work I'm creating 

yesterday's "brain relief" was this lovely loaf of zucchini bread 

and I would add here that it was truly wonderful to bake in an oven that has an accurate and even heat --- for the first time in years the loaf came out of the pan without ripping a big hole in the bottom of it! 

(we replaced our stove in mid-October when we got down to only having 2 burners that were fully functional) 

if you'd like to whip up a loaf of this lovely bread for yourself, I've posted the recipe here  

more beading! 

trying here with the blue and white seed beads to replicate the swirl of the petrified shell that is the center "stone" in this piece 

 progress on this too 

I didn't ever get to the sewing machine yesterday --- we had other errands to do, so it just never happen 

this morning I'm taking the van to have the oil changed --- time to get moving!!

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