Monday, November 12, 2012

maybe it's not going to stay this way

I spent some time yesterday working on a quilt top that I plan to give to my local quilt guild for our charity 

it has some issues 

 for one thing, it's square 

and it's small 

which means it either needs borders (as in pretty good sized borders) or I need to take it apart and try a different setting 

there is one section where (quite by accident) the dark blue pieces come together like a pin wheel, and I kind of like that look 

which would mean taking the whole thing apart except for those four blocks and rebuilding 

I'm thinking about it

meantime, since I'm now into the quilting of the Warning Sky piece, it was time to get started on the next assignment for the Visioning Project 

the next one has to do with lines -- where you create an entire piece with nothing but lines


along with the Visioning Project, the local art group I belong to is working on  a project that is inspired by this piece of art by Klimt

I can do both assignments in one piece here


time to get moving --- laundry is calling!


AlisonH said...

It's a great quilt! Add all the borders you want, I like it how it is. (Not that you have to listen to me.)

Nancy G said...

What she said! (Not that you have to listen to me, either.)