Wednesday, January 27, 2010

another Heart Song block

and the corners of this one do NOT look wonky!

on closer examination, the fabric appears to be printed slightly off grain, and because it is such a linear print, it really showed

I like this one much better --- truth be told, I like the red fabric in this better too

if I were to choose another black and white print, it would be one that was more "random"

so this one will go to the quilt group and I'll have to figure out what I'm doing with the first one

and I may do one more (or even more than that) before the end of the quarter when these go in for the drawing

in an update on my computer issues

as I posted yesterday my laptop computer has been infected with a virus -- one so severe that I can't even pull up the Task Manager -- so it will be a while before I can use it to do anything -- including downloading pictures from my new camera

yesterday I went to the local camera shop hoping for some help on figuring out why my desk top machine doesn't want to play nice with the new camera

the guy there suggested this handy little gadget -- it takes your camera's SD card and plugs it into a USB connector so you can use any computer to download pictures, music, etc

uh, except the desktop computer doesn't "see" this either, so I tried to download a driver for it (which my version of windows shouldn't need, but hey, it is windows), and I can't unzip and install the file

hmmmm, things are not happy here in computerland

so the work arounds are in place -- my family computer doctor is mailing me a CD with the necessary "scrubbie" to clean up the laptop, I'll be backing up all the files from my desktop to an external hard drive so we can reconfigure it, and I'm back to using my old camera until one or the other computer is fully functional again

after last week's cell phone failure, I'm about ready to gather up all of the technology in the house to a large bag and toss it out the window


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