Sunday, January 03, 2010

First Finished Object (and the start of a new project)

about a year ago when we did the big inventory of jewelry I pulled this piece and put it with the items that I wanted to rework

while I really like the sun face and the colors, there was something about it that just didn't look "finished" to me

and the fact that it had remained in the unsold inventory told me that might be true for folks looking at it as well

on New Year's Eve I was looking around for a project to work on -- the down side of the week between Christmas and New Year's is that most of my projects are done (for Christmas) and I'm in that "now what do I do" mode

I found this in the bin of "things to rework"

I had decided quite a while ago that what it needed was some fringe

not the branched fringe that I use on some of my pieces, but something that looked like a waterfall of color running right off the piece that would extend the color but be fluid and in motion

I had even ordered the drop beads to be the ends of each strand back when I put in a supply order

so here it is, fringe complete (it took a couple of days to finish -- fringing is time consuming!), and I have to say that I really like the look -- now it looks finished!

and this is the beginning of a new piece that I'm going to start stitching on today

this piece of glass is what will be "suspended" in the round open space on the left side of the piece

the irregular shaped areas at the top of the drawing will actually be open in the finished piece

the working title of this is "Earth Rise"

seems like there is some sort of "space" theme going here (I guess I could say this is the third in the series since I had also done one called "moon shine" -- and no, it did not include mason jars full of corn liquor!)

I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to actually do this piece yet, thinking I wouldn't have the beads I needed, but after doing a "materials crawl" through all my bins I find that I actually do have all of the materials I need (or that I know right now I need), so the drawing has been transfered to the pelon and I'm ready to start doing the netting around the glass -- cool!

I finished making a bathrobe for the DH yesterday. Just before we went away for the holiday I had bought the fabric, but didn't get the sewing done before we left. It's all finished now.


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