Wednesday, January 13, 2010

turtles and trees

I made a trip to the fabric store yesterday

I was only going to get a roll of tear away stabilizer


ok, I'll admit it -- a trip to the fabric store, especially when we are in the planning stages of a quilt or two is not a safe thing

I did manage to keep the cost down, and come away with some very cool fabric to use in both the Trees project and the Turtle quilt

now they all get to go into the washer

I've been stitching rocks onto the Trees project for the past few days -- I've attached 9 of them and have 6 more to do before I start adding trees (and there will probably be more rocks added after the trees are all on too)

the beading of the moon is coming along nicely -- I hope to have it complete today

the charity mittens are working up nicely too --- one mitten is complete (except for sewing it up the side) and the second one is almost to the decreases for the top of the hand (still needs a thumb too)

meantime, I finished another afghan square!

we are still in "de-tree" mode ---- 5 trees totally down, one has had all of the ornaments removed and is waiting for dis-assembly, and there is one more (in the family room) to go

time to get to it

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