Monday, January 18, 2010

tax stuff

most people know about this kind of tax stuff

I'm working on it right now -- sorting out all the business receipts (which for last year are few) and the medical receipts (which for last year are many)

I also get to do sales tax reports in four states at this time of year and I'm happy to say that all of those are DONE! (also with mixed feelings about having nothing to pay on any of them)

ah well

we have finished taking down all of the Christmas trees --- we decided yesterday that we should sort through all of the boxes (three of them!) that are labeled "outside lights" and get rid of the ones that we realistically will not use again, so we still have that to do -- oh, and I still need to pack the box of candles --- but basically, we're done!

yesterday afternoon I stitched the last of the rocks on the Trees project --- I took a picture, but I've yet to develop the NEW routine of downloading to the laptop then to the click disc then to the desktop so I could actually show it to you --- go figure --- I'll try to do better

meantime, I've settled on which of the shawls from the new book I'm going to knit and for whom --- after payday I'll be able to order the yarn

time to get back to the taxes!

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