Wednesday, January 06, 2010

bead netting and dragon drawing

success ---- finally!

this is the first time I've tried to do a net around a cab by starting in the center of the back

I like the way that worked - I could fit the stone as I went along

so now I have started on the bead embroidery for the rest of the collar, and I decided to start with the moonscape which is the only part of it that is not black

and this is the drawing I made from the dragon picture

this morning I did the increasing (up to 167% of the original drawing), so I can do the detain embroidery pattern drawing on the paper --- or I may just transfer it directly to the iron on stuff --- I'm not sure yet

I do like this dragon tho', and I'm looking forward to working on the embroidery

first afghan square of 2010

since I don't have anything else on the sticks I guess I could knit a pair of mittens or two --- I have some lovely gold wool that would make good warm ones that is left over from the sweater knitting before Christmas

need to start thinking about the sweater knitting for 2010 -- I have a couple of ideas, I just haven't made a decision yet

today's plan includes finally getting the dye experiment done and cutting out the aprons --- we'll see if we can get that plan to come together!


AlisonH said...

Suddenly stuck with a lively little earworm with that (groan) catchy Michael Jackson tune: Bead itttt, bead ittttt... But that's really cool, I like it!

Bev said...

thanks Alison! (and now you've got that tune stuck in MY head!!!! -- groan is right)