Thursday, January 28, 2010

Earth Rise progress

considerable time was spent yesterday working on this project while being fascinated by a History Channel program about archeology (they were talking about what a great thing for the science of archeology the Indiana Jones movies were -- and those are about my favorite action/adventure movies)

anyway, the beadwork has "crawled" all the way to the top (or back if you prefer) edge there on one side

as usual when I reach this stage of a piece where I can see that it is actually going to work (and maybe be even better than I thought it would be) I'm starting to get impatient to have it finished so I can start working on the next one!

(and of course, since I am the master at creating in my head a whole list of FUFO (future unfinished objects) I have at least half a dozen projects in the que to take this one's place)

yesterday, while the DH painted the rest of the big aspen trees, I pulled out the fabrics for the redwood trees in this project -- and last night I actually got 3 "ribs" of the bark on the smallest tree -- the redwoods are going to take a while

and the patterns are now ready for me to start working on the turtle quilt

this is FREE yarn

a while back Caron had a thing where you send in wrappers from 3 skeins of their yarn and they would send you a skein of their new stuff

since my daughter and I have both done yarn-y projects, coming up with the wrappers for each of us to send in was a no brainer

the new yarn is 75% microdenier acrylic and 25% merino wool

and of all the yarn I've ever used, it most resembles the bamboo tape yarn I knit up into a Christmas present last year

my daughter gave me her skein -- she doesn't do wool

what is amazing about this is that not only are they the same color -- they are the same dye lot! (my sister participated in this project too -- I need to have her check her dye lot!)

anyway, I've decided to make this into one of the scarves that is in Alison's book and give it to a friend that is having knee replacement surgery today -- pictures will follow!

and another afghan square is complete -- just 6 more needed to fill the current box

time to get rollin' -- I'm heading out to an informal quilter's group this morning just to check out the folks

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