Thursday, January 21, 2010

apron & mittnz and a new project (!)

and here is the apron I made for myself

the original pattern was shorter, but I decided a bit longer was better

this print is so busy that you can't even tell it has a pocket, much less that said pocket runs all the way across the front and even wraps around the sides a bit

and its divided into three sections so there's definitely a place for me the stash the cell phone with its headset in one corner and other important items in the other two sections

and I made this big enough that it even works over a heavy sweatshirt -- which is standard "in the house" wear at this time of the year

now let's see how much "dirty work" I can do in this before you can even tell anything is on it!

I know, these look just like the last pair I posted here

trust me, they are not

these, in fact, are the next size up -- same yarn though

so now I have two pair done -- only eight to go!

there is probably enough of this yarn left to make one more of the smaller size, but right now I'm sort of tired of looking at this color, so the next pair will be something different

and under the category "like I need another new project"

at our quilt guild meeting the other night, the Block of the Quarter pattern was introduced

I wasn't going to go there

after all, I have lots of projects in the que

but it kept calling out to me

how could I resist something called "Heart Song"

especially when I had all of the necessary fabric (black, red and a black and white print) in my stash

and the print is music -- like it was just MADE for this block

and it isn't like I have to do a whole quilt's worth of blocks -- just one or two (and I might end up with a bunch of them if I win the drawing)

ok, I washed them, now I have to see if I can actually DO the block and have it come out the size that is required -- if so, great -- if not, well I'll have a start on another piece to donate to the Alzheimer Project!

just a couple of quick errands to run today then it's back to the projects!

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