Tuesday, January 19, 2010

now this ROCKS!

ok, I FINALLY rearranged things in the family room so I have easy access to the laptop so I'll actually remember to download the pictures I'm taking with my new (and very spiffy) camera

this is the base of the Trees project (being ever so helpfully held up by the DH!)

these are the rocks (all hand painted, cut, appliqued and stuffed

today I will start putting together the "kits" to do the aspen trees (they go there on the left side where there are the most rocks)

all of this possible because Christmas has now been cleared out of the living room and I have taken over the dining room table again for projects {grin}
the quilt group posted the pictures of show and tell from our meeting last week

and here I am at the microphone, talking about this multi media wall hanging thing

not bad for a first show and tell

and under the category of "you are an idiot" comes this little exercise

the pencil drawing was the original drawing for this quilt block that was part of the Angel of Music quilt we did for our daughter

you will note that the quilt block there HAS THE WRONG DATE ON IT!!

not only is it the wrong date, but I didn't notice it --- my daughter did


ok, I have done a "patch" --- notice, the proper date!

next time we go up to visit, I'll be installing the patch


one more afghan square complete --- I really like the sort of raspberry color with the variegated in this one

one mitten of the second pair is all knit, and I'm half way up the hand of the second one --- nice

so today, after a trip to the grocery store, I'm hoping to finish the shop apron I've been working on for the DH (denim is a bit more challenging for doing detail work on pockets) --- and maybe even get my apron finished --- or not (I definitely want to work on those trees!)

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