Friday, January 29, 2010

A Redwood Tree!

or at least one side of one

check out the nifty "bark-y" looking ridges

a lot of the stitching of the channels got done yesterday at the quilt group I visited with, then I spent quite a while running the yarn into the channels last night

it is so amazing when what you think will work and have tested on a small scale actually works on the full size object!

so today I will start in on the partial tree that goes on the other side of the big center redwood

and while I was off working on the redwood tree, the DH was "painting" the aspen trees --- so now I need to do the shading on those


today I will be spending a bit of time trying to resuscitate the laptop computer -- the external hard drive, the "rescue" CD and the teeny, tiny thumb drive arrived late yesterday afternoon and I decided letting them all come to room temperature from the really frigid temperature outside was a good idea -- now I just hope I can get it to all come together

I'm now officially donning my "geek" hat

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AlisonH said...

I LOVE redwood trees--that's cool!