Saturday, January 23, 2010

the first of the Trees

we "painted" the first of the aspen yesterday

we used the Copic markers --- great alcohol based inks that work well on a lot of surfaces (I still need to iron it to "set" the color)

looking at the photo one would think this was actually a piece of aspen wood that we had hauled into the house and taken a picture of

I'm delighted by how it looks

so now it's on to working on the other 3 big aspens (this one is the little one!)

meantime (under the catagory "no, I don't have enough projects going all at once") we got a couple of quilt supply catalogs in the mail, one of which included the announcement of the Hoffman Fabric Challenge, and this year's fabric just "spoke" to us

the DH is working on drawings, and sometime next week we'll make a trip to the local quilt store that carries the fabric to better judge which fabrics we will actually use -- this piece needs to be done by July 15 so I can get it mailed -- nothing like a deadline to get us to move our tails!

and since I want him to do the drawings for the Hoffman project, I have taken on the sea turtles -- hopefully by mid-week I'll be ready to start working on the first block


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AlisonH said...

That's cool and a cool idea, Bev!