Thursday, January 07, 2010

Progress being made, but nothing to see here

I'm still dealing with the issue of the new camera and the old desktop computer refusing to "play nice"

yesterday my sister suggested that I try using the microsoft photo manager and see if that would solve the issue

but no

the whole issue is that the desktop computer simply does not "see" the camera

no problem with the laptop, it recognizes it right away and even asks me which software I want to use to deal with the pictures

so, I have no pictures to show you this morning

I made very good use of a Christmas present yesterday -- while I was chatting with my sister (for over an hour!), I was cutting out aprons and robes and preparing quilt blocks -- got to love having a headset for the cell phone!!

bead embroidery on the necklace is coming right along

stitching of the dragon has commenced

and I started knitting a pair of mittens for charity out of the left over wool from the gold sweater

yup, things are happening

I'll work on the picture thing

meantime, this morning when I opened my email file, I found that I had actually sold something from my Etsy site --- (once or twice a year rather I work at it or not I guess!) --- so I have an envelope to mail off today

the "undecorating" begins today -- and hopefully some more progress on projects

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