Friday, January 22, 2010

we interrupt this project news

for a short rant

this is a DEAD phone

yesterday morning I discovered that it's speaker had gone out

it's not 2 years old yet, but I guess I shouldn't whine too much since this is the phone that somehow got wet about a year ago and was miraculously resurrected

so I went to the local verizon store -- and was given 3 unacceptable choices: pay to have it repaired (about $50); buy a new phone at retail (about $400 for the one I really want); or add another line to get a new phone (which would cost me $9.99 a month for 2 years before I could cancel it -- about $240)

that last one was the real kicker -- GET REAL!!

because we keep an old phone in house for "just in case a phone dies", I could select option "E", none of the above -- I'm now back on a phone that doesn't do pictures (bummer), but at least my headset works on it (sort of) and I can still text

we have a line on our family plan that is eligible for an upgrade on April 6 when I can get the phone I really want for a price I'm willing to pay (I'll be counting the days!)

after all the phone chaos died down I actually did get some work done

here is the progress on the beading work

I printed out an extra sheet of this scan so I can do some drawings of what I'm thinking about doing for fringe -- just to see if I even like the look of it on paper at least

the first of the aspen trees for the Trees project is now ready to be painted -- my idea of lining it and using some quilt batting inside to give it depth worked pretty well --- this was the tree furthest away, so it has the least thickness --- I'll be working on tree number 2 today

the sashiko work is coming along --- I ordered 24 skeins of white embroidery floss today (at 8.8 yards per skein from which I actually get 26.4 yards since I split it into 2 threads to do the stitching) I've already used 2 skeins (that I had on hand) and have 2 more here that should keep me busy until the order arrives toward the end of next week --- if I actually use all of it there will be 739 yards of thread in this project (WOW)

started another pair of mittnz last night --- these are a dark brown/green --- the ribbing of the first one is done and a few rows up after that -- looking good

finished another afghan square too --nice colors -- only 8 more to fill the box

busy, busy!

time to get to it

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