Monday, January 25, 2010

weekend projects

this is the block I wasn't going to do

the one for the quilt group, and I wasn't going to spend any money to make anything for the group that I wouldn't otherwise do

except all of these fabrics were in my stash

it looks pretty good

the one thing I see is that the print corners look a little wonky to me

they aren't -- I measured them

but it is hard to cut this print fabric and have it look straight --- perhaps I'll do another block and put that print deliberately at an angle (like maybe a 45 degree angle)

we'll see

I do like the look of the block in general, and I may actually play with the idea in some other colors for a whole other project

now what did I say about not getting involved in this?

the other three of the aspen trees for the Trees project are now ready for painting --- it took quite a bit of time to install the batting and lining layer on each of these, but I really like the look, and I know they will look a lot better after they are attached and stuffed too -- now it's on to the redwood trees (bigger, and the bark is a lot more complex)

and another pair of mittnz (number 3!) is now complete too

these are made of Woolese that was left from yet another sweater project

the nice thing about this pair is that there are no splices in the yarn as I knit -- so the weaving in took no time at all (unlike the two pair of gold ones that required quite a bit of weaving in because that was recycled yarn)

these were knit on size 2 (for the ribbing) and size 3 needles -- I have just located my size 1 needles, so the next pair will be smaller still (now, which yarn shall I use for those?)

time to get busy!

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