Friday, January 15, 2010

knittin' mittnz

ta da

the first completed pair of mittens for the (expected) Mittnz 2010 challenge

I made these up using some of the left over yarn from the sweater I made the DH for Christmas

they are a sort of antique gold with darker flecks of coffee brown

and I have enough yarn to knit one more pair this color

I went to the local quilt guild meeting last night, and while I was sitting and listening to the business meeting and watching the presentation I finished another afghan square

this is part of what I love about doing these squares --- they keep my hands busy so I stay away from the banana bread and the brownies and the cookies and (well you get the picture) and once I've cast on the stitches, I can do them without looking --- even in the dark!

ok, so I'm now down to needing only 10 more to fill the current box

and the Guild meeting? -- very interesting -- a nice group of ladies -- once again I seem to be the only art quilter in the group {sigh}, but at least its fun to be with women who share my love of fiber, color and workmanship

yesterday the bead order arrived!

this is always a momentous occasion --- better than a brand new box of crayons!! we spent about an hour doing the check in -- making sure everything we got we had actually ordered (we had -- yeah!) and making sure we got everything we ordered (we didn't -- BOOOOOO! -- three things on back order) then there is the calculating of the per gram or per each price for each one and the assigning of inventory numbers (and if this all sounds like business, it's because it IS a business --- every now and then I have to put on my accountant hat and do this part --- and the taxes!)

so today I'll be working on kitting up the projects that I ordered things for --- oh YEAH!! --- new projects are comin', new projects are comin'


Nancy said...

Kewl, new toys! I cast on my first mitten of the year last night... resistance is futile. Teehee!

Bev said...

mittens are almost as easy as afghan squares (except I can't do them in the dark) --- it's all about practice