Saturday, August 17, 2013

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

after being activity restricted for almost two weeks, I decided to break in to doing more gently

I had been going great guns on this chair project "before the incident", and it was good to get back to it

the fabric for the back of the chair has now been cut and pinned -- all ready for the stitching, which I hope to do (at least some of) today

work on this piece is coming right along

once I had the top line all put together I put it on the display stand so I could figure out how long the outside edge needs to be --- so today it will be back to working right angle weave to create more "cords"

looking good

this week's "walk with lab" took me past the neighbor's great wild flower garden --- I love these kind of "ferny" plants -- they look too fragile to hold up those big lavender flowers

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AlisonH said...


I love how the beadwork and the chair go so well together.