Sunday, August 18, 2013

time with the colored pencils

before I start fiddling with fabrics to create this piece, I wanted to try out some color and figure out what I want to use as the background behind the pumpkins

this version has a sort weathered siding
this version has a brick wall behind it
and this one has a rock wall

I think the first one is the best one -- there is better color contrast and the back wall is not so busy that it takes away from the pumpkins -- since they are the point after all!

I want to experiment with a technique -- my idea for that background is to have it look like weathered wood -- the way I've created that look in other projects has been to use a crackle medium on an acrylic paint

the technique works really well on wood -- I'm not sure how it will work on fabric, so I'll be doing a bit of experimentation with it

do you remember this piece I did a while back?

I'm happy to report that it  made $50 for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) --- happy dancing!!

this also means I'll be pulling out another piece to send them --- it is a cause I support, and since I'm making these pieces anyway, donating some of them for this purpose makes me feel good

the knitting of the camel is complete, and last night I started stitching up and stuffing -- I'm having to remember to stuff lightly because once I'm done with this step, he goes into the washer for some felting

while I was knitting I was quite willing to just follow the instructions even though from time to time I was thinking "what is all this weird shaping?"  --- NOW I get it!

time to get busy!!

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AlisonH said...

I had to scroll back up to even see the background on the first one--I'm with you, I like it the best.

Also because it reminds me of some very delightful pieces I've seen in the pumpkin glass festival we have here every October, handblown glass of whatever strikes the artist's fancy as a way of representing Autumn and pumpkins.