Monday, August 19, 2013

projects in process or pictures of nothing much

the knitting on this continues

right now it's not clear exactly what this will be by just looking at it

this started out when I was able to pick up two skeins of felt-able wool yarn that were not the same brand, but were colors that would combine well

and I'm knitting those two yarns together by alternating them back and forth every 2 rows

the plan is to felt this, make it into a hand bag with some cool embellishments

this doesn't look like much either

it was the first go at using paint and crackle medium on cloth

it didn't really crackle

but I'm still going to use this piece to experiment with some other techniques

and I'll be doing another "test" on the crackle idea (I think I messed it up by overworking the crackle layer)

we'll see
and then there is this

which will be having some rework done on it

the pattern instructions for knitting him were awesome --- the instructions for the sewing up not so much

so he wasn't ready to go into a felting load this morning --- maybe by next wash day!

time to get to that laundry

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AlisonH said...

I've wondered what you would stuff a stuffed animal you're going to felt with. Wool? Or does that come out bunchy? There's a knitted dragon pattern I hope to make someday.