Friday, August 09, 2013

some design work?

ok, I'm getting a little better every day -- still can't breathe through my nose so I wake up in the mornings with a sore throat from mouth breathing, but I'm feeling stronger every day -- and getting impatient about being able to "get back to it"!

I sat at the table for a while yesterday and worked on possible layouts for connecting the embroidered pieces of this necklace

my response to this -- meh!

it really needs more beading instead of using just the silver cubes

so I'll be doing some more "fiddling" with this piece to get it to what I see in my head

I've been doing some mindless work in the studio ---

I had picked up an assortment of wool yarns that I plan to make into felted bags -- in order to knit the yarn so I can felt it, I needed to get the yarn into balls or "cakes" that I can knit from

these are all ready to go (and yes, each one of them has the paper label that came on them tucked inside the center of the cake)

have almost finished the sky on the big quilt I'm doing applique work on --- looking good --- I'll try to get a picture in the next couple of days

time to try to catch up on paperwork

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AlisonH said...

I'm laughing at the immediate recognition--I've got some yarn like that, and that, and that, and pretty much like that one too.