Monday, August 26, 2013

Pumpkins -- or why making art is sometimes like beating your head against the wall

this started out as an experiment with using paint on fabric and progressed to an actual finished piece

along the way there were some, uh, "technical difficulties" (bang head here!)

the photo on the left was the first attempt at "framing" --- the stitched piece was stitched to some fabric (that I really liked the color and texture of) and I made the attempt at putting it on a wood framing (stretcher bars)

hummmm, well, what are the flaws there -- let me count them up -- never mind

after some ranting, some ripping and a trip to the art supply store, it has been put in a frame with a mat

and here is a detail shot that shows the stitching of the shadow under the pumpkin as well as the "crackle" of the paint experiment on the wall behind the pumpkin

I'm really pleased with the fiber piece -- I still want to do something with the stretcher bar idea, but that is for another day

so since we're talking about pumpkins -- here is the next wall hanging project all drawn with pencil onto the muslin that will be the "paper" on which I "color" with fabrics and stitching

this is a seasonal wall hanging for my daughter, so it needs to be something that can be rolled to store, so no using of paint or stretcher bars for this one

I am going to do fusing and machine thread painting though

hopefully today I can find the fabrics I need in my bins to get started

further experimenting with beads revealed that I could use the same technique that made the triangles to create a square -- cool!

so now I want to make some more pieces and see if I can put this all together as something

time to get busy!

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AlisonH said...

I like both framings, myself.