Wednesday, August 21, 2013

let the fringing begin!

I finally got all of the necklace strung together

and I've started working on the fringe

fringing is a very time consuming process -- this one will be less so than some others  -- when I fringe I'm usually aiming for a variation of lengths, which usually entails careful counting and recording so both sides decrease evenly, etc.

because the bottom edge of the pieces already are at different levels, I can do this one by making each strand of the fringe the same, which is much faster

while there were times that I thought this piece was never going to be finished, I'm now getting excited to have it done because I think I'm going to like the finished product

and since it is "hump day", it seems right to show the picture of the surgically corrected camel

he's all ready to go into the washer to be felted

I had to remind myself as I was stuffing him with the ordinary fiber fill that I had available that he will get smaller and not to overfill him lest he blow up in the felting process (I don't really think that would happen, but it is an interesting mind picture!!)

the felting load is currently planned for next Monday -- I've found that it works best to do the felting load after all the laundry is done, immediately after the towel load because the water is the hottest then -- and I hope to have that bag I'm working on ready for the felting stage by then too

time to get busy -- I have a group meeting this evening, so I need to get things done

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AlisonH said...

Love the beading! Can't wait to see how the camel comes out; I'm letting you be the guinea pig on how this stuffed animal knitting stuff comes out before I plunge in.