Friday, August 23, 2013

finishing, updating and still working

it's done

this is not the best of all possible pictures, but it was a "quickie" taken yesterday afternoon as I was pretty excited about having this done

today I will take some better photos that will show the clasp and some better shots of the fringe

I'm really happy to have this finished because I'm starting to think about what the next piece will be

I've been thinking about playing with some 3D beaded links for a bracelet, maybe something like this drawing

time to teach myself a new technique to make those triangles

I've been thinking about "remodeling" my Etsy store and actually creating a working website of my work

part of what I'm thinking about is a unified "look" 

which includes sprucing up the "models" I take pictures of my pieces on

this styrofoam head, for example -- I've had this thing for over 30 years -- it's been used to style wigs and as a "holder" when I was spray painting some head shaped objects -- most recently I've used it as a hat stand to photograph hats that I have created -- but it looked pretty ugly

yesterday I made a trip to the hardware store and plunked down the money for a can of spray paint in a soft brown tone --- this is the neutral I have selected to use for my new display pieces --- it is enough contrast to show off the work but not so much that it conflicts with the lighting for getting good photos

I'll be making some changes to some other display pieces too

baby steps to something much bigger
this is for sure a "did I do that" moment

it took a little over an hour to do the stitching on this piece, and I'm VERY pleased with the results

today I hope to get the edges done so I can have the DH build me a wood "frame" that I can mount this piece on

certainly it is very different than anything else I have ever done

another picture from the neighbor's flower garden taken this morning during the "walk with lab"

we had over an inch of rain and some hail last night, so the petals of some of the yellow flowers have been beaten off, but I still love the look of this

time to get busy

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