Tuesday, August 27, 2013

fresh out of the wash

the camel felted pretty well -- there was some shifting of the stuffing at the base of the back legs that I'm not that pleased with, but on the whole he's pretty good

a bit more work to be done and he'll be finished

these items were in the felting load too -- the bag that I had been knitting, there on the left, felted up beautifully, so now I can start planning for the lining and the embellishments

there on the right is the item that was formerly a sweater that I made for the DH and had outlived it's useful life as such, but I thought I could make good use of the wool felt, so I tossed it into the load too -- there is enough there to make a nice bag too

time spent in the studio included putting up the "siding" on the wall behind the pumpkins

when I did the small piece, I used paint to create a sort of "weathered" look to the fabric I used for the wall behind the pumpkin -- the search of fabrics in my stash revealed a small piece of fabric that was printed with the look -- cool!  -- and there was just enough of it to do this piece

today I hope to get started on the floor

more bead fiddling

the bigger green square came out pretty well -- of course, since it is bigger, it did take longer to build

I like the look of the two squares stacked together -- I think I'll try building a triangle over that stack and see how that works

time to get to it

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AlisonH said...

That beading just gets more and more fun.