Sunday, August 25, 2013

thinking outside the box

to consider another shape -- the triangle

I needed to figure out if my pencil drawing was even possible

so in a couple of hours yesterday I did these two interlocked triangular links --- together they measure about 1.5 inches

this morning as I was waking up I had an idea to take this pattern and try making a square --- we'll see how that works

perhaps this picture should be titled "I can't come back, I don't know how it works"

during this morning's walk with lab, this was what we saw -- it was good flying weather!

fall is coming

while it is still hot right now, the birds have begun their migration from wherever they spent the summer to wherever they spend the winter

this morning we had dozens of grackles strutting around the back yard, perching on the fences, making a lot of noise outside my patio door

guess it was good flying weather for them too

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AlisonH said...

Notice how the colors on the balloons match the triangles? As long as those don't interlock while they're hanging around up there, then, hey.