Saturday, August 10, 2013

a new "slice of life"

for a while I've been working on little sketches for a series of pieces I want to make that is titled "A Slice of Life"

this little drawing is the latest in the series and it's titled "The Entry Way" -- when I was a little girl the house I spent the most time in was my grandmother's -- you came in the front door into a long narrow room -- on one side was the old, upright piano, and on the other side under the 6 over 6 windows was a row of white bookcases that my grandfather built -- on top of those were pots full of violets that my grandmother lovingly tended (it's funny that even now almost 60 years later I can close my eyes and see this room -- and every other room in that house)

I decided to go back to using the smaller bead embroidered piece at the back with the clasp, but because I changed the rest of the layout, I needed to have two of these smaller pieces instead of just one

so yesterday I did the bead embroidery on the second one -- today I should be able to get the backing onto both of these and start the next part -- I'm going to try doing right angle weave with the tiny size 15 beads -- we'll see how that goes

you may remember this little piece I did a few weeks ago

the voting in the competition it is entered in has begun

you can go and vote on your favorite piece  HERE

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AlisonH said...

Made me smile, thank you. I have my concert-pianist grandmother's old piano--the one she bought for her Washington apartment, a good upright, but it just didn't do it for her: she had to have her grand, and so she had it shipped to DC and lifted via crane through the sliding glass doors into their fifth floor living room.

She gave the upright to my mom, who eventually gave it to me, and it's sitting there to my right. It's got a great sound.