Saturday, August 24, 2013

work from the garage workshop

earlier in the summer the DH started working on these flowers for my garden

since we didn't put in plants, it does give a pop of color out there in the garden area

he has some plans for some iris for out there too -- just have to get some lumber to build them out of (we used to be able to pick up stuff he could use for these projects for 51 cents at the Home Depot here, but now they just throw those small pieces away -- guess they weren't making enough money on them, which is a bummer for the DH and a lot of other folks that were using that as a good source for small projects!)

since I'm getting close to being done with the knitting part of the bag I'm working on, I did some prep work for a project I'm going to start next

a couple of  years ago I made a knit hat that had a spiraling pattern -- the pattern included instructions for adding beads, which for that particular project was not what I was looking for

I've decided to give it a try

so I spent some time stringing about 200 green and purple beads on the very fine green yarn that will be knit in with the purple to make what I'm thinking of as the "Eggplant Swirl Hat"

I've never tried to knit with beads before, but I think it will be interesting

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AlisonH said...

Question: can you ask the Home Despot guys to send you a text or call when they have some about to go in the trash? There's got to be a way around this. They could post it to freecycle?