Friday, November 28, 2008

Experimental snowflakes

Now that I have FINALLY figured out how to use at least some of the software for the sewing machine, I decided to play with some of the "Bonus" designs that I had on a CD.

This was one of them, and though it's hard to tell from the picture, what you're seeing here is ONLY the embroidery -- so it actually looks like a stitched snowflake with all the open spaces, etc.

I figured if I used a tear away stabilizer and several layers of water soluable stabilizer to stitch through then remove all of the visable stabilizers afterwards, that I might get something that could be used as an ornament

I was right! The plan next is to attach a thread loop, then use spray adhesive and some glitter

Pictures forthcoming if it works!

It has been a tradition at our house for a number of years that the Christmas tree goes up on Thanksgiving day.

This began when we decided we were going to use artificial trees, and there really wasn't any reason not to put up a tree that early, before that the tree had usually gone up around Dec 15.

This is the "tree glow" of the living room tree with it's newly acquired strings of L.E.D. lights.

I notice that they have a slightly "pinker" look than the old incandescent ones, but they have many, many advantages -- like I'll actually be willing to turn them on because they won't send the electric meter twirling!

We did get a little bit of snow last night -- I doubt if it will stick around very long as the temperatures will be in the 40's again -- it's ok with me!

time to get moving -- literally as our daughter and her husband will be here to pick up the furniture we're giving them for their new house!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

another quilt drawing complete -- after trying VERY unsuccessfully to do a Double Irish Chain (I tried 3 different times!), I settled on this one that I call "Spoolie"

All this was being done while I sat in the room with the sewing machine and it embroidered Kokopelli on "things"

I also cleaned up the living room and organized a tub full of Christmas gifts while that was happening

On the whole a very productive day with the sewing machine

The next plan involves a lot of pale blue thread and water soluable stabilizer -- and a trip back to the computer to create a disc

Have you seen these on the newstand yet?

Oh my!!

I don't buy these on a regular basis -- in fact the last December issue of Martha Stewart Living that I purchased was in 2001 (don't tell Martha!)

But these are just amazing this year

there are at least a dozen projects between the two that I want to try/adapt/fiddle with -- a sort of reward/incentive to finish up some other projects!!

So now I'm off to get two new tires on the van --

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

nothin' ta see here

seems that while I was quite busy yesterday, there is just nothing that had a picture taken of it!

Even so, despite still being wiped out from the show, I did manage to accomplish the following:

4 loads of laundry washed, dried and folded

a trip to the hardware store for sand (and a bucket to keep it in) so I can load up the tumbler with glass and get it started (and while we were there, I got a can of paint for the compost bin we've been building -- it was originally a $12.50 quart can of exterior paint, but someone did the color mixing wrong, so it was marked down to $3.24! -- my favorite way to buy paint for this kind of project!!)

a trip to the craft store for thread and water soluable stabilizer for some Christmas projects -- while we were in there we also picked up some sculpy clay for the DH to play with for his latest project

a trip to the grocery store

all of the alignment markings have been basted into the fabrics of my next machine embroidery project, so that today I can start hooping and stitching -- while I'm "babysitting" the machine (I just need to be there to keep an eye on it and to change the thread when it "beeps") I'll be working on more quilt drawings for the note card project

I discovered last night that I've done a lot more on the bird quilt than I thought I had -- it looks like that will be finished in the next week to 10 days -- even with the time out to help my daughter move -- wow!

so, on the whole, things are progressing nicely

I'm thinking about starting to address Christmas cards (yes folks, it's time!) and writing the Christmas letter (stop groaning out there!!)

onward and upward

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cartwheels and back flips

After several years of struggle I can finally say that I have outsmarted the machine

As I was trying to figure this out on Thursday I was able to get (FINALLY) a key piece of information that helped me solve the problem of how to get the embroidery files from the CD they came on to the floppy disc that fits in the machine. In a conversation I had with the place that repaired my machine, I learned that it was necessary to write the file out of the program DIRECTLY on to the floppy, it can not be copied and pasted from another source (can we say those Viking programmers are totally paranoid?!)

Anyway, after a conversation with my brother in law (the ever wonderful family computer doctor and hardware source), and my sister's visit at the craft show on Saturday (bringing the needed external USB floppy device) I was able to sit down yesterday afternoon with the laptop (where the program resides) and create the file that stitched this piece.

We have achieved Kokopelli!!!

We are thrilled. The work on Christmas projects can continue!!


And there is nothing quite so satisfying as the sound of breaking glass -- especially when you have big plans for the broken pieces!!

Since the beach glass pieces were such a big hit at the show on Saturday, I decided that we needed to do some pieces with some of the other recently "found" glass.

We experimented a bit with how to actually do the breaking, but in the end we have these three containers full of pieces that can be tumbled for making of jewelry. I'll be getting that tumbler rolling sometime this afternoon.

After breakfast this morning we'll be making a trip to the hardware store for a bucket and some sand for the tumbler, followed by a stop at the Hobby Lobby for some thread to match the items I want to stitch on -- whoo hoo

time to roll!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home Sweet Booth

Here was our booth yesterday at the craft show.

Instead of trying to cram 3 tables into an 8x10 space, we went with just our 2 larger ones

We can't put out quite so much stuff, but the display features a lot more "walk in" space, which means the customers will actually stay long enough to see something they might buy

It's a good thing

I have to say that I did not have high hopes for this show, last year it was the last show in that area after two other semi-successful ones, and this one was a bust then

Given the state of the economy, I was seriously thinking it was a waste of time

I was pleasantly surprised -- perhaps it was the fact that we are literally the brightest booth in the room (you just can't see the colors of what I do properly in gym lighting, so I carry my own), perhaps it was the fact that we had a better layout for the booth, perhaps it was that I picked the right stuff to put out (the Rocky Mountain Beach Glass was a big HIT!!), maybe it was just our day to make a little on our efforts

While it wasn't a great show money wise, we did make a little profit, so I can order some more materials to go with the beach glass things

My sister came out in the afternoon and visited for a while -- when she attends these things she usually come late in the day and helps out with the packing up and hauling out -- I can not tell you just how much I appreciate both the opportunity to visit with her and the extra pair of hands at the end of a long day (we'd been up since 4 a.m.!) -- so a big hug and a bigger thank you to my sister!!

Today there will of course be paperwork to do and the unloading of the van and after today all of the display pieces, etc., can be put away. Soon I will be doing the end of year inventories and all of that as this was our last show for the year. My on line stores are open all the time, but I do the accounting for those a different way. Ah, December -- Christmas and taxes -- Pffffftt!

time to get to it

Friday, November 21, 2008

2 done and more on the sticks

Ah, the sweet sensation of a successful project!

The kitty sweat shirt got all stitched yesterday!

this picture was taken right after I removed the hoop and before I had trimmed all of the little threads and basting stitches

5 kitties -- siamese, orange tiger, tabby, white (with orange tail and ears) and black

Hopefully my dad will enjoy these

Now it goes in a cold rinse to remove all the blue marking pen and it will be ready to wrap up

While I was "babysitting" the machine stitching away, I finished the second of the drawings for note cards

This one is call Snowball

and yes, those stripes are all carefully hand drawn in!

So now I have started one that is a Double Irish Chain -- all in shades of green and white

The last of the sunflower hotpad project.

These are all done and ready for gift wrapping too

(I spent some of the kitty stitching time weaving in the many, many ends that are involved with these)

So now there are 3 hotpads and 2 dishrags and that gift is all complete!

So of course as soon as one thing is off the sticks, I put another one on!

Right now this is on a pair of straight needles, because when I started it about 10 last night I didn't want to get up out of my chair and go find the Denise set to change the needle tips from the last project and these needls just happened to be in the cup on the table next to my chair

This is the beginning of the Christmas stocking I'm making for my new grand dog

Meantime, I have only about 3 1/2 inches left before I graft the shoulder seams on the blue vest.

And the quilts are moving right along too -- I'm now half finished with quilting the bird quilt and 70% of the log cabin is done -- woo hoo!!

Today we'll be loading up the van for our show tomorrow -- guess I better get to it!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A different sort of quilt

A while back I decided I was going to try to come up with some new notecards to use, and maybe to share as gifts too.

This is the first drawing (Titled Christmas Quilt I) for that idea

It was done with markers and colored pencils on white paper and if you look closely at the "spotted" blocks, they have tiny tree like shapes drawn in them

This was not the project I intended to work on yesterday. The original plan was that I would finish up the cat embroideries on the sweat shirt, but I spent a LOT of time on hold with insurance companies yesterday for the DH, and the drawing was something I could do while listening to the awful Musak (why they can't have something better is beyond me, but I digress)

I'm hoping to do several more quilt drawings so there is an assortment of 4 or 6 designs that could become a "set". And I'm thinking about trying out printing them on a rough kind of water color style paper -- we'll see

hopefully today I'll get a bit more done

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ode on the embroidered cat --

Since the embroidery machine has returned, I figured I'd use it to do some other Christmas projects.

Now days my dad wears sweat shirts quite a bit, so I decided to make one special just for him.

Being the "what if I screw it up" type, I decided I would do a "dry run" on the picture I want to put on that shirt. And as I watched the machine crank along, I also figured out that I can change the colors of the cats to suit my whims

Step 1

Now I know this is hard to see, but it's an off white on a white background

This bit of stitching creates the lighter coloring of the inside of the legs and the chest of the kitty

Step 2

now for the darker shadowing on the head and ears

Step 3

Now the main body of the cat -- the way the machine does this is to stitch the tail first, then the body and legs and the face last

All of that is important when considering the changing of colors

Step 4

Extra highlighting on the back of the kitty

This will be great especially on stripped kitties

Step 5

Outlining every little detail, putting in whiskers, eyes, nose and mouth

The program is very systematic about this, which again will be very useful for making different color cats

The plan now is to do 5 kitties across the front of that sweatshirt -- a black cat, a marmalade cat, a siamese cat, a tabby cat and a white cat with orange tail and ear markings

Today I plan to get the stitching done -- I did all of the marking prep last night

I'm beginning to think I will soon be wondering what to do with the sample blocks I'm stitching .

On the other side of this whole machine pleasure is the "dark side" of owning one of these machines -- actually the issue began with the salesman (think used car type!) that I bought the machine from in the first place -- he extolled the joys of the machine, let me play with it, told me it would do all the things I wanted to do -- he just neglected to tell me that there were a whole web of strings attached --

Anyway, since the machine is now working again, I've gone back to playing with the software that does digitizing and such, only to discover that I now need to obtain a floppy drive for my laptop -- fortunately for me, I have an in family computer help desk/hardware source, so this problem will soon be solved too.

Meantime, today while the cats are stitching, I'll be playing with the software to set up some new projects!

into the fray-----

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Show Time!

Yup, we're doing our one and only show before Christmas

If you're in the Denver area, come on by and visit

Monday, November 17, 2008

Entry in the "oldest project completed" contest

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, I made this sweater for the DH

Actually, I knit this back in the early 1970's. It's wool -- as in the old style wool -- not the new "put them in the washer" wool yarns that are available today -- nope, this one gets hand washed

Anyway, I knit it then, before I got the buttons on it, we moved to a warmer climate and it got put away in a drawer.

And it got moved -- as in from Colorado to California to Utah to Colorado to Utah to California to Colorado -- (ok, we lived like gypsies for a while) -- and somewhere along the way, before it ever got officially "Finished" (as in the buttons sewn on), some damage occurred.

Saturday morning, the DH brought it downstairs and ask if it could have buttons and some mending please, as he has decided he would like to wear it -- OMG!

Now, I am definately a pack rat (ok, about 4th generation on that front!), but let me tell you, the left over yarn from this little vintage classic is long gone, and while I probably bought buttons that were intended for this, who can remember now what they were (or where they actually got used).

And the damage on the shoulder was pretty extensive -- I'm thinking somewhere along the way there was a small group of very hungry moths as the hole was about the size of a half dollar.

Yesterday I darned all three of the holes in the sweater -- I used some yellow yarn from another project -- it doesn't match, but it is wool and did close the hole so the sweater can be worn for warmth (which was the point!) -- oh yes, and those buttons? I bought a bulk package of buttons a while back to use for some other projects (bags, bracelets) and these 6 brushed chrome looking ones were in the group -- and they were just the right size.

Now, as I was saying, this is officially my entry in the "oldest project completed" contest (we won't go into that postage stamp quilt I started once upon a time)

Beach glass necklace number 2 is now complete.

I rather like the black beads (with the occasional blue one thrown in) for the netting around the glass and the chain

I was amazed too when I put the necklace in the scanner how well it actually shows off the lovely blue glass

Today I'll be working on a bracelet that is part of the "use the pieces you have on hand" collection -- I'm hoping to have it done for the show we're doing on Saturday

and one more hotpad complete!

This one is a bit larger than the first one was -- I think variety in hotpad sizes is a good idea -- and these are really intended for setting a warm dish on the table as they are a bit "fussy" for grabbing a pan out of the oven use -- although they could do that too.

I have one more of these to complete, and I'm in the putting on the petals stage of it

Yup, one more Christmas gift project done!

This morning I added the custom dog bones to my Etsy site. I've been trying to figure out something that I could do as a cat toy that could be customized too, but it's been so long since I lived with a cat, and back then we didn't buy them toys, I just have no ideas. Anybody else have one that you wouldn't mind me using?

Have you taken the Handmade pledge? You'll notice a new button on the top right of this blog. I'm all for keeping our gift giving dollars right here with artists and craftsmen in the good ol' U.S.A., so I signed the pledge. In my case it means that just about everything gets actually handmade by me, but I'm always excited to see something handmade by someone else that meets the gift buying need.

Time to go do the laundry (good heavens, it's Monday again!!) and try to get some other projects done

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crankin' 'em out

I'm so happy my sewing machine is home!!

Yesterday I did the embroidery on the two shirts that needed to be done (they're all packed up and ready to go in the mail tomorow morning) then I did these little lovelies

These are doggie toys for my dog and my grand dogs. The yellow one is actually smaller than the other two, and because I wanted to test how each of the three fonts for embroidering letters looks, each one is different.

My plan is to get some of these out on my Etsy store so folks can order them with their own dog's name

Each of these has a nice sturdy squeaky inside, and should be good for hours of fun play.

So today I will be spending time with the computer trying to get the Etsy stuff posted --- that should keep me busy!

The second of the beach glass necklaces is nearing completion -- I'm almost done zipping the chain then I need to create a bail on the glass and a bar for the toggle clasp and it will be finished. This one is done with black beads -- think blue beach glass on a black sand beach -- kind of cool -- and different. I'm thinking it will soon be time to set up the tumbler again and try out some of those new colors of glass.

The planning of the next quilt is coming along -- as always I'm collecting pages and pages of illustrations that will be used to do the drawings from -- thinking about the planning of the next one helps me stay motivated to do the quilting on the ones that are still in the "slogging along" stage of the quilting

time to get to it

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Doing something worth while

This is a Good Bear

We're not talking about character here (although I'm sure that applies too)

no, this is an official teddy bear from a great organization named Good Bears of the World (you can read all about them and their work here)

We have been lifetime members of this group for a long time

When we did the Kansas City Jubilee back in September, we came home with 2 cases of these bears to give to the local hospital that just opened (that's 96 bears!!)

These bears are the whole point of the Jubilee auction that we donate a piece to each year. In 2007 the auction raised about $6,000 to buy these -- this year we raised just over $9,000 -- MORE BEARS!!!!

On Thursday morning we took the bears to them.

They were pleased to get them

We could tell that they are not used to someone just giving them anything -- they were worried that they needed to consult with their marketing department before they let us take any pictures.

We convinced them that we're not selling anything here -- except good works maybe

Some of the bears will go to the emergency room and some will go directly to the Pediatric ward of the new hospital

It's a Good Thing!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

another one done, a gillion bizillion to go

projects, that is

This is the final cover for the Bunnie Paperdolls

This morning, as I write this, my printer is cranking out the final copies (in photo mode for best quality)

So this afternoon I will be assembling and binding and packaging

With this paperworks project complete, I'll be going on to one that is for next Christmas (did I really say that?!), but that won't begin for a while as I still have other non-paperworks items to finish for this year.

When we went to Kansas City for Jubilee, we came home with two cases of teddy bears from Good Bears of the World to be donated to the local hospital. This morning we're heading over to meet with the volunteer services lady to hand them over. I'm taking my camera so we can (hopefully) get some pictures of the exchange for the Bear Tracks publication that the Good Bears print about 3 times a year. This should be fun.

After totally upending the studio, I finally located the manual for the sewing machine, so when we return from our trip with the bears I'll be starting some stitching projects. The coolest thing is that once I set them up and get them started, I can work on something else (in the same room of course), and actually be giving new meaning to "multi tasking"!

So, we're off and runnin'!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's a "Return"

on Monday we made the trip over the pass (in the fog and the snow) and retrieved the sewing machine

They updated the software, replaced the touch screen, adjusted and balanced and cleaned -- oh yes, and replaced the power supply which was a recall item --

it's good to have it home again, better than new!

So there will be projects a-humming!!

Another of the "finish what you've started" projects completed

this is a piece of jasper that has had a bead bezel created, and I made the chain out of size 15 beads in a Right Angel Weave stitch

I have at least one more of these I'd like to finish, but I want to try a new technique for the chain -- something I saw in the newest bead magazine which I got last week

The next project is a bracelet -- we'll see how that goes

This should be listed in the catagory of 101 Things to Do with a Single Sock (mmmm, catchy title!)

I really like this water bottle -- first because the top is actually big enough that I can put regular ice cubes in it, second because it was absolutely free at the health fair in the spring

But it has one unpleasant "habit" -- it sweats -- as in when I put something cold in it, the outside gets all wet, then it leaves a mark where ever I set it down, not to mention it's not pleasant to pick it up

After some consideration, I thought there might be something in the "socks without mates" bin that would take care of that issue -- not a really heavy boot sock (too unstable to sit properly), but this lovely light weight number is quite stylish -- oh, and don't you love the "Princess" lettering and the crown -- Ta Da! (and there's another sock in the bin to use when this one needs to be laundered -- it has Mickey Mouse on it -- oh, look, one to wash and one to wear -- and that single sock in the next laundry -- it's supposed to be that way!!

Today I'm hoping to get some projects done -- we'll see how that goes

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Something actually nearing completion!

Ta Da!

The first of several pages of outfits for the paperdolls

Having given up on being nerdy enough to figure out how to do this whole layering of many images on the computer, I resorted to one of my best talents -- scissors and glue!

(must be this whole paperdoll thing is because I played with them so much as a child, and so my fine motor skills for cutting are outstanding!)

Anyway, this page and several others are just about done, now I just need to finish the page with the actual paperdolls and I'll be ready to print up the book pages and stitch them together --- YEAH!

So, let's see what I can get done today

Monday, November 10, 2008

a not so lazy day, but nothing to show for it

as in, I have no pictures of anything that got actually finished

In keeping with the idea that it would be good to use and/or finish some of the started jewelry projects for our upcoming show, I have been working on a "chain" for a stone cab that I had beaded around quite a while ago (it was part of the now defunct "let the river run" project) and creating a bracelet that is similar to some of the collar style necklaces I've done in the past (same source for the stones). Progress is happening, but neither one is picture ready yet.

I spent some time yesterday going over 40+ pages of family history information that had come to me from a source I can't even identify (can you tell it's been a while since I did anything with any of this stuff!). Usually I don't even hang on to this kind of "data", as it was very unorganized, somewhat rambling in style and as I said, I don't know who I got it from. The up side was that whoever it was did state what their original sources were (ie: marriage records of a church; census records from a specific year and county, etc) -- so all of the data can be cross checked.

Today we make the trip to pick up the sewing machine!! I'm so excited, I have a list of projects lined up to work on right away (beginning with some shirts my brother-in-law asked me to do for him).

time to roll out!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Doing things the "Old Fashioned" way

I know there's GOT to be a way in the program to put these all together, but after fiddling with the software for about an hour, I have reached the "frustration saturation" stage

Soooooo, before I'm throwing things (like the computer monitor!), I've decided that it makes better sense for me to go back to the old stand by -- scissors and glue -- afterall, at one point I pieced together an entire paragraph for a newspaper layout letter by letter that way -- no reason it can't be done again!

(PS: anyone really familiar with either Borderbund's Printshop or Adobe out there? Some pointers here would be greatly appreciated!!)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Odds and ends of the day

As you may recall my saying, mending is about my least favorite thing

Recent mending has taken on a whole new twist -- viewing a hole to be patched as a design opportunity is a whole new take on the chore

This is a velour blanket that I use over my legs when I'm sitting in my chair in the evenings

Thing is, it somehow developed one of those "L" shaped rips -- who knows how -- and I didn't want it to get any bigger

This was my solution -- a little bunch of purple grapes stitched over it --

now, I'll admit this took a bit more time than it would have taken to just zig zag it on the sewing machine, but this is prettier!

we made our trip to the second hand store and Tuesday Morning yesterday

This is the "haul"

The two glasses came from the second hand store -- it's hard to tell in the photo, but the taller one is a clear blue, but it has some really interesting textural patterning, which should be a good thing after it's tumbled. The gold glass also is heavily textured. I'm looking forward to seeing how these come out of the tumbling.

The three plates and the "basket" (?) came from Tuesday Morning, and were about the same price as the stuff in the second hand store. The orange plate has a little bit of texture on the back side, and the other three pieces have definate texture to them -- especially the purple plate which looks almost like hammered copper -- except it's purple glass!

I had hoped to find something pink or a "pretty" green (NOT olive), but had no luck with those -- oh well, there are always other trips

I also looked at some pieces that were cut or pressed glass with some really nice patterns, but most of those are so thick that I'm not sure how I would handle a controlled breaking of them.

So now I will be cleaning all the stickers/marker off the glass and finding a hammer! Oh yes, figuring out some way to organize the broken pieces -- both before and after tumbling!

While I was in Tuesday Morning I also found two jars of size 11 seed beads -- each of them weighing over 250 grams -- and they were only $2 each. This brings the net cost of those beads to about a penny a gram -- for that low price, I can definately sort the colors as I work!

While I was walking around in the second hand store looking for glass to break, I found this

Since there will be times that my new grand dog will be coming to visit, I decided that it would be good to have a dish for her here just like I do for the first grand dog

This was just tooooo cute to pass up, and it's heavy pottery and just the right size for a small dog

and then there was this

freshly placed on the magazine rack of the local grocery store (I never know what I'll find there!)

this issue is pages and pages of beady goodness --- about half a dozen new projects to try -- and that's just the ones I can try right away because I just happen to have the right kind of supplies on hand (the joy of a good sized stash!)

mmmmmmm, got to love getting new inspiration!

time to go get some breakfast and start in on all those projects

Friday, November 07, 2008

Rocky Mountain Beach Glass

I finished the first necklace made out of the first batch of Rocky Mountain Beach Glass

This is a Christmas gift for a friend

it gave me the chance to work with the glass and try a couple of things to embellish it

I'm pleased with the way it came out, and excited to put together some other projects

and this is the latest batch of glass out of the tumbler

the rest of the blue bottle and some more of the pink glass squares

I definately think it's time to make that trip to the second hand store for some glass to break!

these were all bought on sale!

I know it's hard to tell, but the left picture is a packet of software for my sewing machine

The towels came from the sale at Linen's and Things -- I might have been able to get them for even less, but since I wanted to have some choice of colors, I decided to get them now

the plan is to use the software to embroider on the towels -- and use the wash cloths as "practice"

Just as soon as the sewing machine comes home -- soon I hope!

This (and another one just like it) was also picked up with the towels

Both of these are going into the shelf in my refridgerator door

Why, you ask? Well, there are always little things in the door -- the plastic sqeeze bottle of lime juice, part of a bag of barley, a bottle of yeast, a bottle of capers -- all of them small enough to slide out from under the rail of the door shelf and go crashing to the floor

While picking up the squeeze bottle of lime juice or the bag of barley is just inconvenient, when the bottle of capers goes crashing to the floor, the operative word is "CRASH", and I'm really not convinced that a steady diet of capers is good for the dog -- not to mention the whole broken glass issue.

So, I picked up these baskets -- they neatly contain all of those errant little items, and the fit nicely in the door -- Ahhhhhh, much better!

So today we have a plan to visit the second hand store to look for glass then we need to pick up a few things at the grocery, then it's back to the projects!

time to roll

Thursday, November 06, 2008

W.I.P. and good things for future projects

this is a W.I.P. (Work In Progress!)

I have reached the bottom of the arm holes and now have to work back and forth in rows (which, while it is actually fewer stitches, seems to take longer than the big rows all the way around -- go figure!)

This has been a fun project, and I have actually reached the "I know this cable sequence" point, which is kind of amazing too

movin' along!!

check out this cuteness!

It's rare that I find a tin that I actually think is worth buying, mostly because I have a lot ot them already, but this was too cute to resist

and there's this cute stuff!

fabric with 8 repeating stripes of some of the cutest cat print I've ever seen

I'm not at all sure what I'll be doing with this, but I got it on an EXTREMELY good price, and I got 2 yards of it


So, today I'll be working on projects. I have the drawings of all the accessories for the paperdolls complete, so now I just need to start putting the pages together -- YEAH!

time to get to it!