Friday, September 09, 2011

about those baseball bats

you may recall that yesterday I was talking about needing to get out into the garden to pick things after our five day absence from home

I was expecting there would be a big zucchini lurking out there

three of them was a bit of a surprise!

later today I'll be dragging out the big McCoy crock and the grater to get that pickle relish started

the giraffe patterned beaded bracelet is finished!

this came out really well -- bracelet number two in the Wild Animal series (the first one was zebra)

so now I'll be doing either leopard or tiger -- at least that's what I'm thinking right now

and this piece will be going out into my Etsy store

last night was my monthly quilt guild meeting

I had some fabric that I took for the put and take table -- the result of my on going cleaning and organizing

and I picked up these two pieces to bring home

these two coordinated shades of teal have a tiny pink print on them and I think will combine well with some pink fabric that I found in the stash as I've been cleaning

these (and all the stuff I picked up over the weekend) will be going into the washer to get ready to use them

and because I sat and listened to a presentation last night I finished another afghan square

it always surprises me when ladies of the guild come and ask me what I'm knitting and how do I get a square when I start with just 3 little stitches in the corner

I'm thinking I should make up a little business card sized thing that explains Close Knit Hugs and how this afghan square works that I can just hand out

this block was sort of self striping as I was using up pieces of yarn and it just worked out this way


and further cuteness from the weekend

Mr Cute discovered that grandpa had left his cane standing against the piano

he had a grand time playing with it

sooooo adorable!!

(give me that old soft shoe!)

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AlisonH said...

Wait--that looks like MY cane! Sassafraswood, bought by my friend Karen in Williamsburg VA.

And now, to quote Dr. Seuss for Mr. Cute, On Beyond Zebra!