Tuesday, September 13, 2011

finished things and starting new ones

quilting on this project is done

today I will be squaring up the edges and cutting the facing to do the edge finishing

then there will be the sleeve and the label

considering that the beginnings of this piece sat in a box for almost a year, finishing it was pretty easy once I figured out the problems

this is a piece that was donated to the charity auction I'm chairing that takes place in October

the piece is a cute little Halloween wall hanging, but the person that donated it didn't put on any way to hang it

yesterday I went through my stash, found some fabric that went with the back and put a sleeve on it

before the auction we'll get a rod and a wire added to it so we can actually hang it

one auction item done -- many, many to go

more beads added to the pumpkin pin

this has been fun, and I'm thinking about some tubular beading to be little curly tendrils on this after I get the pumpkin itself finished

meantime I'm thinking about the next animal print bracelet

I think it will be tiger -- the orange beads are already out!

Halloween isn't far away

when we visited with my daughter she asked if I would turn this sweat suit that she bought for Mr Cute into a Halloween costume

oh my -- it's de ja vue

I think every costume my daughter wore until she went away to college was the result of something that ran through my sewing machine

moving on to the next generation!

so watch this space -- I'll be transforming this into something interesting

the weather has cooled some (although yesterday it was near 80), so the ripening of the tomatoes has slowed down, but we still had a lot of them to put up yesterday

8 pints of tomatoes -- skinned and a little salt and lemon juice added -- then into the jars followed by more sounds of "pinging" lids

there are a lot more tomatoes out there, so we're not done with this process yet

today's plan includes mowing the lawn and folding the last of the laundry from yesterday before I get back into the studio to get some work done

time to get to that

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AlisonH said...

Yet another time the picture opens up and I go, Oh, I LIKE that!! That one shows off the mountain quilt better.