Wednesday, September 07, 2011

that last long weekend of summer

red sky at morning

these (and about 2 dozen more) were taken from the back deck at my daughter's house yesterday morning

since there is not a lot behind her house but rolling fields, the view of the morning sky is amazing

now how do I get that "look" onto fabric!?

while were were there we had a cooking lesson

homemade applesauce

(and since I'm still recovering from having a tooth pulled, this was something I could actually eat!)

I'll be posting the recipe on the kitchen blog soon and I'll put a link here when I get that done

and we spent time with Mr Cute!

who spent part of the weekend not feeling very well -- having picked up a virus somewhere

and when Mr Cute doesn't sleep -- nobody else sleeps

which meant that when he napped on Monday afternoon, we all napped

by the time we left yesterday morning he was almost back to normal

thank goodness!

of course a trip means time in the car

which means afghan squares get knit

these are raw off the needles, still need to be blocked, but they are done other than that

lots of work to do now that I'm home again -- time to get to it!

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