Thursday, September 22, 2011

Utilitarian sewing

sometimes what needs to be put together can't really be called art

but it is a useful object

earlier in the week my daughter asked me if I could make a fleece blanket for Mr Cute to have in car now that it's getting cooler

she has lots of really nice quilts and afghans for him, but I can understand her wanting to have something that she doesn't have to worry about getting somewhat abused by riding around in the car all the time

and instead of heading off to the fabric store right off, I headed to the fabric stash and pulled out the two big bags of fleece scrap -- these are pieces left over from making vests and scarfs and bathrobes and sleepers

ta da! the finished car blanket -- put together out of what was available in those bags

and this whole job made lots easier that it would have been because I pulled out the newly acquired walking foot to use while doing both the seams and the zig zag top stitching -- and all future fleece projects will be made using that foot -- it made the project a lot easier

and since I was on a roll with the walking foot, I decided to do this project too

when we go anywhere that we'll be staying overnight we take our pillows with us -- hey, we're senior citizens, we need our creature comforts!

for quite a while I've just been using a big plastic trash bag to put them in, but over the past few years that means I've used several

and when I went through a few of the tubs of fabric that I've been sorting and cleaning out, I discovered several pieces of corduroy -- a good sturdy fabric for making bags

so yesterday I stitched together a patchwork of pieces and created a bag that we can use over and over for those pillows -- including I can throw it into the washer as needed

another useful project complete -- more fabric out of the stash -- and more joy using the walking foot --- how DID I live without it?!

the tiger is almost finished

this afternoon I should get the last beading done


then tomorrow I can put the "sandwich" together and finish this piece up

which means I need to start thinking about what I will work on next

hmmmm, time to get to that list of project ideas!

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